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Engineering Coures - Qingdao Technological University

Bachelor Degree Engineering Course(Duration: 4 years):

Computer Science program package:

After study in QTU 3 years, students are offered NCC Advanced Diploma. Students can choose study one more year in QTU or directly transfer to GREENWICH UNIVERSITY , UK to get Bachelor Degree. If a student prefers study one more year in QTU, he or she will be offered Bachelor Degree of QTU. If a student prefers study one more year in GREENWICH UNIVERSITY , UK , he or she will be offered Bachelor Degree of GREENWICH UNIVERSITY, the related expense in GREENWICH UNIVERSITY should be according to UK system

What is NCC?

NCC Education

NCC Education was established by the British government as the education arm of the National Computing Centre in 1966. Our remit was to develop the IT skills of the British population. Today NCC Education is a leading provider of education and assessment solutions facilitating the study of international qualifications in a range of subjects at every level and leading the way with award winning innovative assessment software. One of our first acts as part of the National Computing Centre was to consult with employers, universities and the British government to identify their needs and develop qualifications that met these needs. Working in partnership to meet the needs of our customers - education centers, students, universities and employers - continues to be central to NCC Education’s culture

International Recognition

NCC Education qualifications are internationally recognized by many top class universities , employers and professional bodies around the world .
With partnerships with over 350 education centers in 45 countries , NCC Education is a global provider of education and assessment solutions. For over 35 years , NCC Education has given students the opportunity to get internationally recognized qualifications by studying at one of the Authorized Partner Centers around the world.

Another Bachelor Degree Program :

School of Architecture : Architecture; Urban Planning; Resources Environment and Urban-rural Planning
School of Civil Engineering : Civil Engineering; Material Science and Engineering
School of Mechanical Engineering : Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation; Industrial Design; Model CAD/CAM; Observation and Control Technique and Instruments
School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering : Environmental Science; Water Supply and Sewage; Architectural Environment and Facilities Engineering; Environmental Engineering
School of Vehicle and Traffic Engineering : Traffic Engineering; Traffic and Transportation; Security Engineering; Vehicle Engineering
School of Computer Engineering : Computer Science and Technology
School of Communications and Electronic Engineering: Electronic Information Engineering; Communication Engineering; Electronic Information Science and Technology
School of Automotive Engineering: Automation; Electricity Engineering and Automation
School of Business : Accounting; Marketing; Financial Management; Electronic Commerce; International Commerce
School of Economics and Trade : Statistics; International Economics and Trade; Economics
School of Management : Industrial Engineering; Engineering Management; Management of Land Resources; Information Management and Information Systems; Logistics
School of Sciences : Mathematics and Applied Mathematics; Information and Calculating Science
School of Arts : Arts Design; Painting; Fashion Design and Engineering
School of Foreign Languages: English; Japanese
School of Humanities and Social Science: Social Work; Advertisement